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The annual QCrypt conference is the main international event that is dedicated to the latest developments in the field of quantum cryptography. Researchers from all over the world present their recent scientific discoveries in the field and companies display their latest relevant technology. The topic of the conference covers all aspects of cryptographic security in the presence of quantum devices, including - but not limited to - quantum key distribution, quantum randomness generation, and the impact of quantum computers on classical cryptography.

The 14th anniversary edition of the conference, QCrypt 2024, will take place at University of Vigo in Spain on 2-6 September 2024. The conference is expected to host between 300 and 400 researchers and scientists from the leading international academic research groups and engineers and industry representatives from international companies; all of which are interested in quantum cryptography as a practical technology and in the security of cryptographic schemes under quantum attacks.

QCrypt 2024 is seeking sponsors. Sponsoring the conference gives companies and institutions the opportunity to call the attention of the participants of QCrypt 2024, and to present themselves during the conference by having their logo displayed, their leaflet distributed and, depending on the level of sponsorship, by being present at the conference with a stand. For QCrypt 2024, sponsorship is a crucial means to pay for certain features of the conference like tutorial talks and keynote speakers, as well as registration waving and travel grants for students from less privileged institutes.

QCrypt 2024 is offering sponsor packages – please email 2024@qcrypt.net for more information.